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Sunshine's Teeter for Tots

Sale price$300.00

Experience Cause & Effect

Using a teeter-totter provides puppies with an opportunity to engage in cause and effect exploration, fostering their understanding of how their actions influence their surroundings. As they navigate the teeter-totter, they engage in large muscle movements, promoting physical development and honing their problem-solving skills as they learn to balance and adjust.

Additionally, the unpredictable movement of the teeter-totter helps puppies build tolerance to unexpected shifts, enhancing their adaptability and resilience. Overall, incorporating a teeter-totter into their playtime offers valuable developmental benefits for young pups.


  • Experience cause and effect 
  • Large Muscle movement and problem solving skills
  • Builds tolerance to unexpected movement
  • Dimensions: appx: 10" W × 49" L × 14" H
  • Some assembly required
  • Shipping is Included
Sunshine's Teeter for Tots
Sunshine's Teeter for Tots Sale price$300.00