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Sunshine's Puppy Enrichment Co.

Our Story

How We Started

Our work was born out of a desire to enhance the educational experiences within our own breeding program. We realized certain types of products were sorely lacking to meet our own programs needs.

We decided to fill that need with carefully curated items that cater specifically to Breeders. 

Our selection boasts top-quality products that are not only durable and easy to clean, but they also prioritize safety above all else. We're confident that these offerings will elevate the breeding experience for everyone involved!

Empowering Success with Tailored Tools

Curriculum embodies the deliberate actions you take with your litters. It encapsulates the nurturing interactions you engage in with your puppies and kittens, shaping their crucial early developmental period within your Program. These experiences lay the foundation for their journey ahead, ensuring they thrive as they transition beyond your care.

Fostering Confidence

Confidence serves as a cornerstone, fostering belief in a puppy or kitten's innate abilities and in their connection with humans. It equips them to navigate unforeseen circumstances with grace and poise. By exposing them to a diverse range of experiences—from problem-solving to sensory stimuli—whether it's through play, exploration, or physical activities, we cultivate resilience and a strong capacity for learning.

We’ve carefully curated our products to provide you with essential tools for nurturing litters to thrive with resilience and a zest for learning. While drawing inspiration from diverse breeding philosophies, our core framework is grounded in Janette Forrey’s Empowered Badass Breeder approach. With our products, you’re empowered to create an environment where every puppy and kitten can flourish.

From Start to Finish.

Our values are present in everything we do and in every product.

Put People and Pets First

At our core, we prioritize the well-being of both owners and their beloved companions, ensuring every product enhances the bond between people and pets.

Enable Puppies to Thrive

Empowering pups to flourish is our mission, crafting innovative solutions that cater to their specific needs, fostering a world where every tail wags with joy.

Dedicated to Breeders

Committed to supporting breeders, we strive to provide unique products that promote safety, hygiene, and ways to make your breeding environment easier.

Fun Environment

Step into our vibrant workspace, where creativity flows freely and every idea is nurtured, ensuring our products bring a playful touch to every pet's life.


Infusing every design with our passion for innovation, we craft products that inspire moments of delight and strengthen the connection between pets and their owners.

Personally Interact

We personally engage with people to understand their needs intimately, ensuring every product reflects the unique bond shared between people and their pets.

About Laura

Growing up, I witnessed firsthand the incredible impact of pets on well-being. Early lessons from my parents instilled responsibility and care. Dogs and cats became cherished companions through childhood challenges. As someone with ADHD, anxiety, and depression, I sought solace in their unwavering love. Pete, my loyal canine friend, anchored me through tough times, enabling me to engage in school and activities.

Years later, I earned a Bachelors degree, along with a mental health background and a passion for helping others, providing service and therapy dogs felt natural.

I'm dedicated to sharing the transformative power of canine companionship with those in need.