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Sunshine’s Puppy Tutor Pro

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Potty Training made Clean, Simple and Developmental

Puppies undergo a series of developmental milestones facilitated by problem-solving tasks, such as learning to navigate grates without their feet slipping through, driven by their innate instinct to maintain cleanliness within their nest. 

These tasks also contribute to the development of their gross motor skills, as they learn to move away from their resting area to use tools like the Potty Tutor Pro for elimination, which helps keep them clean from fecal matter and urine. 

Moreover, the Potty Tutor Pro's design ensures easy cleaning, providing a convenient solution for both puppies and their caretakers. 

  • Problem Solving Brain Work-Pups learn to walk on the grate without their feet going through.  
  • Pups are driven by instinct to keep the nest clean. 
  • Gross Motor- They will move off their bed and “hold it” to eliminate on the Potty Tutor Pro.
  • Keeps pup clean from fecal matter and urine
  • Easy to clean

Method: While there are many great ways to do this, we find that if at three weeks, if we add a bolstered pad on half of the whelping box and put a Puppy Tutor Pro potty box on the other side, puppies instinctively move from their nest to eliminate. 

Developmental Cues: Before adding the Potty Box, look for pups to begin walking well, have their eyes opened, ensure hearing is confirmed, and that their teeth are emerging.

We suggest making half the whelping area potty box and the other a bolstered bed to help pups recognize the difference.

We gradually add more space without grids as they continue to move to the potty area. Too much space too soon causes pups to be confused and have accidents outside of the potty area.

Potty Box Grid: The smooth edges of the grid tuck into the box to keep puppy safe and easy to clean. On the Small 18" x 24" box, you can choose either the 1" x "1 grid for medium and larger breeds, or select the 1/2" x 1" grid for smaller breeds.

Shipping INCLUDED / 20% OFF when you buy any 2 or more potty boxes!

Sunshine’s Puppy Tutor Pro
Sunshine’s Puppy Tutor Pro Sale price$65.00