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Sunshine's Step & Slide

Sale price$315.00

Slide Into Fun

The gentle incline leading up to the stairs offers an ideal terrain for young puppies to navigate with ease. The smooth surface of the slide ensures a safe yet enjoyable experience, fostering coordination, problem-solving skills, and boundless fun. This setup also presents opportunities for honing balance, enhancing spatial awareness, and encouraging social interaction, creating a wholesome environment for playful exploration and growth.


  • Gradual slope up with stairs, just perfect for puppy feet.
  • Slide is smooth-but not slick, providing coordination, problem solving and fun!
  • Opportunity for balance, spatial awareness and social interaction
  • Dimensions: appx: 13" W × 49" L × 19" H
  • Shipping is Included
Sunshine's Step & Slide
Sunshine's Step & Slide Sale price$315.00