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Sunshine's Silicone Texture Mats

Sale price$56.00

Textured Flooring that brings fun and adventure as well as brain development.

Our 8 piece set of silicone mats will provide your puppy or kitten with sensory stimulation needed for cognitive and emotional development. A variety of textures presented daily gives your litter more confidence when experiencing new things.

They are durable and can be used at 4 weeks, when curriculum begins, all the way through to go home. The multicolored mats are 10in x 10in and have a different raised pattern on each one. The mats fit together like a puzzle which allows you the freedom to use as many mats as you want, in whatever arrangement you want.


  • Sensory stimulation contributes to Cognitive and Emotional Development
  • Excellent at 4 weeks all the way to go home!
  • Colored, cheerful mats
  • Set of 8 different raised patterns for varies textures
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
Sunshine's Silicone Texture Mats
Sunshine's Silicone Texture Mats Sale price$56.00