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Sunshine's Golden Streak Fan

Sale price$8.00

Dramatic Overhead Experience for Confidence Building

59” Extended Silk fan, gradient from Yellow, orange then to red.

This soft, floating fan can create many different patterns of movement above puppies and kittens during curriculum time, giving your litters experience with items overhead. This builds resilience and opportunity for your young animals to become comfortable with unexpected or unusual movement from above. This item is not meant to come into contact with animals, keep out of their reach.


  • 59” Silk fan with Bamboo handle
  • creates unique patterns of movement building experience and resilience
  • Colorful and eye catching
  • Not designed to be in direct contact with pups
  • Use of a visual experience while keeping out of the young animals reach.
Sunshine's Golden Streak Fan
Sunshine's Golden Streak Fan Sale price$8.00