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Sunshine's Big Top Toy Spinner

Sale price$660.00

Puppies and Kittens will love this because it’s easy for them to play with and move while having plenty of toys for the whole litter.

It features a sturdy, easy-to-clean poly base with a free spinning set of stainless steel arms. The top suspends colorful chew-resistant and washable toys that can be easily switched to other small toys. Each toy is suspended by a stainless steel line.

At around four weeks of age, the puppies begin to explore their environment by mouthing, batting, and pulling at toys. By six weeks, they've already mastered the skill of making spinners turn, showcasing their problem-solving abilities and developing gross motor skills. Providing high-quality toys is essential for their development, and the inclusion of Easy Clips makes it convenient to switch out toys as the litter matures.


  • 4 weeks, pups can mouth, bat and pull in the toys
  • By 6 or so weeks they have learned to make the spinner turn.
  • Problem solving and gross motor skills in action!
  • Come with high quality toys as shown
  • Easy Clips make is convenient to change toys as litter matures
  • Dimensions: appx: 30" W × 30" L × 8" H
  • Some assembly required
  • Shipping is Included
Sunshine's Big Top Toy Spinner
Sunshine's Big Top Toy Spinner Sale price$660.00