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Sunshine’s Pooch Parachute

Sale price$16.00

Billowing Overhead Motion for Well Grounded Pups

Sunshine’s Pooch 6’ Parachute is made of durable polyester fiber and promises to entertain with its unique motion in the air. Used as an overhead exposure item it is very effective for giving puppies and kittens unexpected movement from above.

This item is not designed for pups to touch or play with, but instead for the human’s to move above the animals heads while out of reach, giving them visual stimulation which builds confidence.


  • 6 feet in diameter
  • Made of polyester fiber
  • Multi-Color and High Contrast
  • Comes with its own zippered carrying case
  • Not designed to be in direct contact with pups
Sunshine’s Pooch Parachute
Sunshine’s Pooch Parachute Sale price$16.00