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Sunshine’s Bright Start EBook

Sale price$7.00

Potty Training Home Kit (PDF)

This is a comprehensive guide to potty training for new puppies using the modified
Exercise Pen Training technique. Authored by Laura Shorter, the guide emphasizes creating a stable environment, building healthy habits, and understanding developmental milestones to ensure a smooth potty training process.

Key Components:

  • Potty Training Process
  • Necessary Gear
  • Bright Start
  • Puppy Potty Training Guide
  • Q & A of common questions and concerns of new puppy parents
  • Coordinates with the Puppy Tutor Pro 18” x 24” box, sold separately
  • 19 pages / Downloadable PDF / 5.5 MB

Creating a Stable Environment: Ensuring safety and stability for the puppy, providing a secure space where they can relax and practice independence.

Building Healthy Habits: Preventing destructive behavior and potty confusion by guiding puppy parents about safe toy options and utilizing the puppy’s developmental stages to create a gentle experience for puppy and human.

Developmental Milestones: Understanding and working with the puppy’s natural development to gradually transition from indoor potty spots to outdoor elimination.

Sunshine’s Bright Start EBook
Sunshine’s Bright Start EBook Sale price$7.00