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Calm Dog Cards

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The ultimate bonding experience for you and your dog! The card deck will help you simplify mental stimulation, create a calming routine, and enrich your dog's day.

The deck provides you with a variety of brain games & enrichment activities so that you can give your dog a mental workout, without taxing your own brain.

Just pick a card and follow the step-by-step instructions to play, bond and learn more about your dog!

Specifically designed to help you to develop calmness, confidence and connection together in a quick, easy and stress-free format.

Helping you enjoy a more relaxed life with your dog – all within a few minutes a day.

Especially good for dogs who are:

High-energy working breeds | Older or limited mobility | Puppies | In need of a confidence boost | Settling into a new home

What's inside the box?

  • You get a deck of 52 Activity Cards.
  • The front of each card is decorative and features different illustrated dogs.
  • The reverse of each card provides instructions for the games and activities.
  • There are 5 color-coded Key Categories: Calm, Focus, Play, Puzzle & Bond
  • Plus, a Guide Booklet for additional tips and progressive activity levels.

What type of activities does this include?

  • Scent games – become part of your dog’s #1 activity!
  • Enrichment activities – includes easy DIY puzzle feeding activities & provides an appropriate outlet for expressing natural, stress-relieving behaviors.
  • Brain games – boost your dog’s confidence and motivation levels.
  • Bonding exercises – strengthens your relationship through working together.
  • Stealth training – reinforces positive behaviors such as toy sharing, recall, proximity and responsiveness while your dog just thinks you’re the most fun person ever.
  • Our approach is always positive reinforcement!

How do I integrate the deck into my life?

  • Daily mental stimulation & enrichment. 
  • Adverse weather conditions (heatwaves, storms etc).
  • Restricted exercise & recovery from injury.
  • Becoming more interesting to your dog (especially in stimulating environments).
  • Helping your dog to settle in new situations.
  • Occupying or redirecting energy into a productive outlet.
  • Creating a decompression routine with calming activities.
  • Developing a relationship with a new dog.
  • Getting the whole family involved with your dog (always supervise children).
  • For people or dogs with limited mobility.
  • Engaging puppies without overexercising them.
  • Dog foster parents, rescue center workers and other dog professionals; boarders, groomers, walkers etc.
Calm Dog Cards
Calm Dog Cards Sale price$22.00