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The Puppy Tutor Pro Potty Spot

Potty Training made Clean, Simple and Developmental

The true game-changer for every kennel.

Puppies undergo a series of developmental milestones facilitated by problem-solving tasks, such as learning to navigate grates without their feet slipping through, and are driven by their innate instinct to maintain cleanliness within their nest.

Pet Friendly

Suitable for use with either dogs or cats.

Problem Solving

Teaches puppies to learn how to walk on a new surface.

Easy to Clean

Especially easy to clean when you combine it with potty pads.

Welded Seams

All seams are welded tight to help keep the space hygienic.

UV Protected

The High-Density Polyethylene is UV rated for indoor and outdoor use.

How It Works

Learning through gross motor enrichment.

Puppies very quickly learn to navigate over the grates, which contributes to the development of their gross motor skills.

As they learn to move away from their resting area to use tools like the Potty Tutor Pro for elimination, it helps keep them clean from fecal matter and urine.

Moreover, the Potty Tutor Pro's design ensures easy cleaning, providing a convenient solution for both puppies and their caretakers.

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